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A little poem in support of our highly effective Covid 19 Lateral Flow Test

The lateral flow test,
its certainly the quickest,
Results arrive the fastest,
Ease of use is easiest.

I had Covid pnemonias, no jest,
Hospitalized with all tests,
8 days of injections and the rest,
But I survived, now feel blessed,

So if your workforce is pressed,
Coronavirus must be addressed,
Lots time saved, well impressed,
To buy, just phone and request.

No need to be stressed,
Whether your Northeast or Midwest,
Protection I can attest,
I wish you all the best.

(c) 2021 Paul Boulton

Minimise the risk of Covid19 in the workplace, join our customers and consider buying the lateral flow tests.

Test regularly, save downtime, and provide peace of mind. #covid #health #lateralflowtest #responsibleemployers

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Lateral Flow Tests

Medi-Inn UK Helps Prevent Workplace Downtime with Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test

Wayne Dobson, MD at Medi-Inn (UK) Ltd

Some of Britain’s firms have prevented thousands of sick days and kept factories from downtime by rolling out Covid19 lateral flow tests (LFT) for staff.

Around one in three people do not show symptoms. So, testing those without symptoms is vital to breaking the chain of transmission.

LFTs have been very successful in finding positive cases from those employees who don’t show symptoms, as well as those most likely to transmit coronavirus.

Wayne Dobson, Managing Director at Medi-Inn UK said “Keeping employees safe is a priority and it’s great to see businesses are making an effort to prioritise their employees and clients during the coronavirus pandemic.

By using rapid testing, employers are providing peace of mind for employees working at home, and those able to work in the workplace.

Employees who have been in contact with Covid sufferers are allowed to keep going to work – rather than self-isolate – as long as they test negative each day for seven consecutive days.

Wayne, added: “Testing is key in the fight against COVID-19 and essential in making sure your workplace is safe and your staff feel confident to returning to work.”

The coronavirus testing kits are £14.99 + VAT per test however, discounts for bulk orders are available, so please contact Medi-Inn UK to discuss your requirements.

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