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PPE & More for Deep Cleaning

Here at Medi-Inn we can supply all that you need to carry out a deep clean, by the case or pallet.

Our image shows just a small selection of available products.

If you don’t see what you need let us know and we will try to find a suitable alternative for you via our bespoke sourcing service.

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PPE for food industry

Food Industry – Products to Protect from Contamination

PPE for food industry is clothing and equipment worn by workers to protect from potential hazards in the workplace.

There are four main types of PPE for the food industry: gloves, aprons, hairnets, and protective footwear.

  • Gloves provide a barrier against harsh chemicals used in cleaning and sanitizing operations.
  • Aprons protect clothing from becoming soiled with food or other contaminants.
  • Hairnets/Mobcaps keep hair out of food and away from potential contaminants.
  • Protective footwear helps to prevent slips, trips, and falls in wet or greasy areas.

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If you don’t see what you need we also offer a sourcing service.

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PRO UltraTouch Violet Nitrile

Nitrile Gloves – All Sizes XS-XL – under £25 per 1000!

Do you struggle to find the same nitrile gloves for every team member?
Our PRO UltraTouch Violet nitrile is available in sizes XS-XL!
  • PRO UltraTOUCH nitrile gloves offer a completely new level of comfort.
  • UltraTOUCH are thermo-responsive, stretching to the shape of your hand as they are warmed by the skin.
  • The fingers are micro-textured to give good grip in wet conditions. #ppe #disposablegloves #nitrilegloves
Here at Medi-Inn we want to help businesses achieve cost savings by offering a half pallet of gloves (which can be mixed sizes) at the same price as a full pallet!

Packed in cases of 2000 pcs (20 boxes of 100)

  • Cost per case is just £49.45 (May pricing) which equates to £24.73 per 1000!
  • Cost per case £44.85 (MOQ 45 cases)

If you’d like samples to trial please let me know and I’ll have these sent out to you FOC.

We offer free delivery on orders over £100 ex VAT

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Coveralls & Gloves - products to protect

Price Reductions on Products to Protect

We’ve had some price nitrile glove price reductions for April – take a look!

  • PRO UltraFlex Blue Nitrile  WAS £28.18 NOW £25.89
  • ASAP Xtra Thick Black Nitrile WAS £46.20 NOW £44.04
  • ASAP Orange T-Grip Xtra Thick Nitrile WAS £54.04 NOW

Significant price reductions for pallets/half pallets – simply call 0191 7317617 for further details.

Disposable Gloves for Touch Use

Disposable Gloves for Tough Use

Here at Medi-Inn we are able to supply disposable gloves that give added protection. This may be in the form of gloves that are PPE Category III:

  • Cat III Type PPE is designed to protect against risks that may cause very serious consequences…. such as death or irreversible damage to health – you really can’t get more serious than that!

Or gloves that are thicker and able to withstand harsher environments than the average glove.

If you’d like samples to trial simply call 0191 7317617 or email

coverall and FFP3 Masks

Health & Safety – Stay Safe

Can I remind everyone of the importance of protecting your health whilst carrying out your work.

Working safely by wearing PPE (especially Category 3) could help avoid an accident/develop an illness which may affect your personal and family life.

So, protect the folks you care for by protecting yourself.

Vitrile Gloves

Introducing Vitrile

Introducing Vitrile Disposable Gloves

Vitrile is up to three times stronger than vinyl gloves, but only around half the cost of nitrile gloves. Engineers developed vitrile specifically to fill some of the gaps left by the other synthetic, latex-free gloves.  As a result, vitrile gloves are affordable, durable, and comfortable option to nitrile gloves.


  • Safe to use for those with latex allergies
  • Super strong puncture and tear resistance
  • Superior grip
  • at £37.50 per 1000 – significantly less expensive than latex or nitrile!

According to one study in the British Dental Journal, vitrile gloves offer more touch sensitivity than either vinyl or nitrile.

We understand that as this is a relatively new product and you would need to see how vitrile performs in your studio. So, for free samples to trial simply email us at and indicate the size required.

Please note: we also supply double blade razors at £56.10 per 1000. If you’d like razor samples too, let us know.