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Flowflex lateral flow tests for you and your team

Covid Cases are Increasing – Stock up on FlowFlex Lateral Flow Tests – Peace of Mind for You and Your Team

The latest estimates from the Office for National Statistics suggest one in 37 people in the UK has coronavirus. A rise from 1 in 50 from the week before.

Here at Medi-Inn we continue to supply the FlowFlex Lateral Flow Test Kits to enable you to protect your team. By providing tests you can provide peace of mind for your team, increase morale and enable your business to run smoothly.

Tests are packed individually and we are offering pricing as below:

  • 100 tests – £1.55 per test
  • 240 tests – £1.27 per test

FREE delivery on orders over £100 ex VAT. MOQ – 100 tests

Bulk discounts are available on larger quantities and pricing for 5’s and 25’s is available on request.

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FlowFlex Lateral Flow Tests

FlowFlex Lateral Flow Tests Aim to Reduce Staff Shortages

We’re now into 2022 and soaring cases of COVID-19 mean that there will inevitably be an impact on staff availability.

Here at Medi-Inn (UK) Ltd, we want to help organisations reduce workforce downtime and provide peace of mind for those employees that have, or are, returning to work.

We are therefore happy to announce that we are now supplying FlowFlex Rapid Test Kits. The kits use an advanced formula in detecting the protein found in the COVID-19 Virus and have also been certified to detect the Omicron COVID Variant.

FlowFlex Rapid Test Kits are currently used by the UK Government and the NHS.

If you’d like further information or wish to order simply call 0191 7317617

FlowFlex Lateral Flow Antigen Test Kit – single box


Medi-Inn stock Cleenol

Cleenol, greener cleaning

With the stressful, hectic condition of the UK concerning the COVID pandemic, Medi-Inn (UK) Limited are doing everything possible to help the businesses, patients and healthcare professionals tackle the effects of the virus.

We offer a full selection of PPE products, ranging from face masks/visors, medical gloves, and protective clothing and have now expanded our product range with a selection of Cleenol cleaning and hygiene products, including virucidal cleaners specially formulated to kill enveloped viruses including coronaviruses as well as sanitisers and disinfectants.

As well as businesses and UK hospitals, we supply our products to both NHS trusts and the care home sector. This means our fast delivery of PPE products is an essential service that is helping the NHS and UK’s care home population.

Our products are supplied with next day delivery, to ensure rapid action against the virus, tackling it as quickly as possible.

For further information or to view our products visit our product page.

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Medi-Inn UK Helps Prevent Workplace Downtime with Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test

Wayne Dobson, MD at Medi-Inn (UK) Ltd

Some of Britain’s firms have prevented thousands of sick days and kept factories from downtime by rolling out Covid19 lateral flow tests (LFT) for staff.

Around one in three people do not show symptoms. So, testing those without symptoms is vital to breaking the chain of transmission.

LFTs have been very successful in finding positive cases from those employees who don’t show symptoms, as well as those most likely to transmit coronavirus.

Wayne Dobson, Managing Director at Medi-Inn UK said “Keeping employees safe is a priority and it’s great to see businesses are making an effort to prioritise their employees and clients during the coronavirus pandemic.

By using rapid testing, employers are providing peace of mind for employees working at home, and those able to work in the workplace.

Employees who have been in contact with Covid sufferers are allowed to keep going to work – rather than self-isolate – as long as they test negative each day for seven consecutive days.

Wayne, added: “Testing is key in the fight against COVID-19 and essential in making sure your workplace is safe and your staff feel confident to returning to work.”

The coronavirus testing kits are £14.99 + VAT per test however, discounts for bulk orders are available, so please contact Medi-Inn UK to discuss your requirements.

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Demand for lateral flow tests soar as employers fight to protect their businesses and workforce

Wayne Dobson, MD at Medi-Inn (UK) Ltd

Medi-Inn (UK) Ltd, the North East-based supplier of medical and hygiene consumables, has reported a surge in demand from businesses for lateral flow tests, as coronavirus cases continue to rise across the UK.

Since November, the Durham-based company, which has received tens of thousands of orders from businesses across the UK, has had to cope with shipments doubling on a weekly basis.

Whilst demand for lateral flow tests is highest in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, warehousing and transportation, Medi-Inn also notes that there has been significant demand from professional service firms keen to bolster their efforts in reducing the spread of the virus.

The test, which works in a similar fashion to a pregnancy test, can detect the presence of Covid-19 within just 15 minutes, giving employers a way to identify contagious staff before they risk passing it on to colleagues.

The lateral flow test is carried out on-site by taking samples from the nose and throat, with the result then displayed via a portable immunoassay screening cassette.

In addition to lateral flow tests, Medi-Inn supplies a wide range of consumables and has seen a significant increase in demand for PPE throughout the pandemic. It supplies items such as face masks and visors, latex, vinyl, nitrile, virtile and ecogloves; protective clothing, as well as disinfectants, antibacterial and coronavirus cleaning products.

Wayne Dobson, Managing Director at Medi-Inn, said: “To be able to play a part in helping businesses roll out effective testing programmes to protect their businesses and workforce is something we are really proud of.

“It’s reassuring to see so many businesses being responsible, purchasing PPE and tests to try and keep Covid-19 out of the workplace as much as possible.

“The fact we have been able to manage the high levels of demand for PPE and tests throughout the pandemic, because we have established strong and robust supply chains with reliable suppliers, is also something we are delighted with.”

For further information or to purchase please call 0191 7317617

COVID 19 Lateral Flow Test Aims to Help Return to Daily Working Life

Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCov Lateral Flow Test

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created an urgent demand for accurate rapid point of care testing. Durham based Medi-Inn (UK) Ltd has identified a need for a quick, accurate and suitably inexpensive Coronavirus test that will help organisations reduce workforce downtime due to coronavirus and isolation

Medi-Inn, a supplier of medical and hygiene consumables has introduced a Coronavirus Lateral Flow Test to its rapidly expanding product list.

The Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Antigen Test – Lateral Flow Test is a rapid, reliable, highly portable, and affordable tool for detecting active coronavirus infections.

This Lateral Flow Test can be used as a first line of defense to identify people who are currently infected and who should isolate themselves to help prevent the spread of the disease.

A test delivers results in just 15 minutes with no instrumentation, no need to send to a laboratory and demonstrates a sensitivity of 99.62% and specificity of 99.62%.

With lab-based tests, you get excellent sensitivity but might have to wait days or longer to receive results. With a rapid antigen test, you’re provided with a highly accurate result within 15-20 minutes enabling you to identify infectious and non-infectious people before they enter your working environment.

Minimum order: 1 Box of 5 tests = £124.95 + VAT

Boxes of 40 also available at £19.99 + VAT per test. Minimum order 40 tests = £799.60 +VAT

For further details click here or contact Medi-Inn (UK) Ltd.

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