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Medi-Inn stock Cleenol

Cleenol, greener cleaning

With the stressful, hectic condition of the UK concerning the COVID pandemic, Medi-Inn (UK) Limited are doing everything possible to help the businesses, patients and healthcare professionals tackle the effects of the virus.

We offer a full selection of PPE products, ranging from face masks/visors, medical gloves, and protective clothing and have now expanded our product range with a selection of Cleenol cleaning and hygiene products, including virucidal cleaners specially formulated to kill enveloped viruses including coronaviruses as well as sanitisers and disinfectants.

As well as businesses and UK hospitals, we supply our products to both NHS trusts and the care home sector. This means our fast delivery of PPE products is an essential service that is helping the NHS and UK’s care home population.

Our products are supplied with next day delivery, to ensure rapid action against the virus, tackling it as quickly as possible.

For further information or to view our products visit our product page.

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