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Wet Hankies Antibacterial 72 (LID)

  • Pieces Per Pack: 72
  • Packs Per Case: 16
  • Sales Unit = 1 Case

Everyday, our hands come into contact with dozens of microbial-filled surfaces. A necessary ally of protection is Wet Hankies wet anti-wrinkle handkerchiefs.

Thanks to their enhanced antibacterial composition, with alcohol and other antibacterial agents, Wet Hankies Antibacterial wet antibacterial wipes neutralize up to 99.9% of the microbes. In addition, they are proven against the H1N1 influenza virus, are approved by the EOF, while effectively protecting against microbes without irritating the skin.

Antibacterial wipes containing alcohol denat. and an additional antibacterial agent, for improved action. They kill bacteria and effectively act against H1N1 virus (tested in Pasteur Institute). With clinically proven action. Tested in compliance with the European Standards ΕΝ 1650, ΕΝ 1276, ΕΝ 1040, ΕΝ 14476, EN 1499. Packed in a large pack of 72 pcs, ideal for use at home, the office, or at the car.