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TENA Bed Original 60 x 90 cm

TENA Bed Original 60 x 90 cm

  • 35 pcs per Pack
  • 4 packs per Case
  • 140 pcs per Case
  • Sales Unit = 1 Case


Fast Absorption

TENA bed pads feature special absorption channels that encourage even distribution and fast absorption. This helps to quickly draw moisture away from your skin, keeping you fresh and dry overnight.

Protection Against Leaks

Each TENA bed pad contains a waterproof backing designed to prevent leaks. This helps to protect your bedding against accidental urine loss, so you’ll get much more mileage out of your mattress.

Soft and Comfortable

TENA bed pads feature a soft top layer that has been carefully designed to feel gentle against your skin.

Kind to Skin

TENA bed pads are latex-free and have been dermatologically tested, providing an ideal solution for delicate or sensitive skin