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POM PON Eyes & Face Make-Up Wipes

Pom Pon Eyes and Face Make-up Wipes

  • Pieces Per Pack: 20
  • Packs Per Case: 36
  • Cases Per Pallet: 48
  • Sales Unit = 1 Case

Enriched with hyaluronic acid that is a fundamental element of the skin. This natural hydrophilic substance in connective tissues: * is a moisture-retaining molecule and moisturizer * keeps elasticity as a molecule of hyaluronic acid can increase by 20 times its volume * and finally helps to form new cells, it contributes in the production of collagen and protects the cells from free radicals

The packaging of Pom Pon for all skins offered 20 new more impregnated wet wipes suitable for all skin types. It is effective with your makeup and suitable for all skin types. In one move, the Pom pon remove dirt and makeup from the face and neck. They remove even the bright makeup and waterproof mascara, while respecting the delicate eye area. Thanks to their composition with vitamins E & C moisturize, tone, restoring the skin a unique glow and vitality.