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forma-care Belted FLEX All in One maxi small

forma-care slip FLEX All in One maxi small

  • Pack of 22
  • Waist Size: 50 – 85 cm
  • Severity: Moderate
  • Absorbency: 2400 ml
  • 3 Packs per Case
  • 66 Pcs per Case
  • 36 Cases per Pallet
  • Sales Unit = 1 Case

Forma-Care PREMIUM Dry flex is a highly absorbent and anatomically shaped incontinence with an air-permeable TBS outer film and an easy Flex belted fixation system around the waist. Elastic cuffs on the abdomen and back adapt and optimise the fit of the product to the body in all positions. The ultra skin-friendly forma-care PREMIUM dry flex is dermatologically tested and latex free. The waist belt is made of a soft fleece and can be flexibly adjusted to the waist circumference and opened and closed several times thanks to the Velcro closure. The wearing comfort of the product is optimised for the patient. The dry non-woven fabric quickly drains moisture into the absorbent core and protects the skin from re-wetness. The new Double Layer top sheet ensures maximum dryness and again improves the wearing comfort for the patient. Special super absorbent gel components contain both moisture and odour within the core of the product and reliably prevent rewetting. The Dry Safe cuffs provides additional security. The simple colour concept makes it easy for the user or carer to distinguish between different sizes and absorption levels of the products. The wetness indicator incorporated into the outer layer indicates when the product needs to be changed.