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Forma-care (UK) Ltd achieve framework agreement on the Nationally Contracted Products (NCP) Program

It is with great excitement to announce that forma-care have been securely appointed to continue supplying our ‘Basic Fixation Pants’ on the NHS supply chain framework agreement. It is essential to us at forma-care Ltd that the standard of patient care is upheld, and with our updated NCP framework agreement ensuring the supply of our ‘Basic Fixation Pants’, that is able to continue. NHS facilities and their patients are an ongoing priority for our company, as incontinence becomes a rising issue in the UK that requires innovative, quality products such as our Fixation Pants. This updated NCP award assures both the NHS and their consumers that forma-care products are high quality, thus preserving the valued reputation of the NHS and its patientcare.

“During these challenging times, it is essential that we supply the NHS with products of outstanding quality. This award simply highlights our commitment to the NHS and the UK market, as we aim to continue to meet patients’ standards with our Fixation Pants.”- Wayne Dobson, Managing Director, forma-care (UK) Limited.

The NCP award was launched nationally on 16th April 2019 and the terms of the framework agreement have been extended until 31st July 2021.

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