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Black Friday. Black nitrile

Black Friday Deals on Black Nitrile

We thought we’d jump on the band wagon with Black Friday special offers – and this really is a “special offer”.

Buy 30 cases of either:

  • ASAP Regular Black Nitrile (size S & M) SKU:20530 series
    • 10 boxes of 100 (1000pcs)
  • ASAP Xtra Thick Black Nitrile (sizes S, M, L & XL) SKU:20100 series
    • 10 boxes of 100 (1000 pcs)
  • ASAP Xtra Thick Extended Nitrile (sizes S, M, L & XL) SKU:20840 series
    • 10 boxes of 50 (500 pcs)

Gloves are Cat III, Type C

And save over £10 compared to single case prices.

For example:

  • Normal case price: £51.00
  • Normal Half pallet price (30 cases): £45.00
  • Black Friday Special Half Pallet (30 cases): £40.14

Available in S, M, L & XL

Offer ends 29th November 2022 @ 3pm

FREE DELIVERY to one UK address

The Queen’s State Funeral

The death of her Majesty the Queen has been a source of grief across the nation, the Commonwealth and the world.

As the nation prepares for The Queen’s State Funeral on Monday 19th September, and as a mark of respect Medi-Inn will be closing until the 20th September for a time of reflection and gratitude for the life of Queen Elizabeth II

We send our greatest sympathies to King Charles III and to the Royal Family.

Thank you HRH Queen Elizabeth II for 70 years of service.

world pest day 6 June

World Pest Day – 6th June 2022

Celebrating World Pest Day. An opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of people and organisations who engage in the work of pest control and help protect us, our homes, businesses and the environment in which we live. So, thank you all pest controllers, your service is very much appreciated.

But…don’t forget to look after yourselves too. Ensure you have the right protection for the jobs you undertake. Take a look at our glove range….

World Bee Day

Today we Celebrate World Bee Day

The is no life without bees.

Bees are some of the most important pollinators, ensuring food and food security, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity. Bees contribute to the mitigation of climate change and the conservation of the environment.

In the long-term, the protection of bees and the beekeeping sector can help reduce poverty and hunger, as well as preserve a healthy environment and biodiversity.

Bees sustain agriculture and create rural jobs. Bees have a positive impact on the entire ecosystem.

So, let us protect our bees and our beekeepers.

Here at Medi-Inn we supply disposable gloves to protect bee keepers from bees as we know they don’t like a hive inspection!

Take a look at our range of gloves – we’d be more than happy to send samples for you to trial.

Our Glove Range at a Glance – Reduced Prices