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Babylino Sensitive

Babylino Sensitive baby wipes, thanks to their pure formula, cleanse and care for baby’s sensitive skin while helping to protect against irritation and rash, as they contain chamomile extracts.

They offer complete care and gentle cleansing as they incorporate in their product design:

  • Carefully selected natural extracts, for extra skin care.
  • Hypoallergenic formula.
  • Greater towel thickness, which makes it more durable in use, for even more effective cleaning, keeping hands clean when changing the diaper.
  • Practical resealable lid for even better product preservation.

Babylino Bedpads

Babylino Sensitive bed pads. Whether indoors or outdoors, Babylino bed pads are mum’s best ally in baby daily hygiene. They offer a uniquely practical solution, as they sanitarily protect during diaper change, thanks to their Extra Large absorbent surface they can be used ideally during night time or during the period of potty training.