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Medi-Inn (UK) Limited join forces with Bluebox Medical Limited in new Strategic Partnership

Medi-Inn (UK) Limited are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Bluebox Medical Limited. This partnership will allow the supportive promotion of the Medi-Inn® range of endoscopy consumables which have been listed on various NHS Framework Agreements around the UK. This will help craft the successful future and raise the profiles of both Medi-Inn (UK) Limited and Bluebox Medical Limited within NHS Trust and Hospital endoscopy departments.

Wayne Dobson, Managing Director at Medi-Inn (UK) Limited said, “We are incredibly proud to be one of the new companies to become a Bluebox Medical® partner. The support and growth of our endoscopy technology is of upmost importance and this strategic partnership is a stepping stone towards our future success as it allows us to pave the way for Medi-Inn (UK) Limited in years to come.”

“The endoscopy market in the UK is experiencing rapid growth and will continue to do so in the future. Partnering with a high-quality endoscopy consumables manufacturer such as Medi-Inn (UK) Limited, who have invested heavily in their manufacturing facility in the last three years is strategically very important for Bluebox Medical Limited. Their product range complements our current clinical products very well. We look forward to a bright future together”, Mark Pedley, Managing Director, Bluebox Medical Limited.

In a tough current economic climate for the NHS, we look forward to enabling further savings for the Trusts. Such a strategic partnership with a highly respected company such as Bluebox Medical Limited, will improve the quality and well-being of patients across the UK.

Medi-Inn (UK) Limited join forces with Bluebox Medical Limited in new Strategic Partnership