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Medi-Inn Shares Business with the NHS

Medi-Inn (UK) Limited are pleased to announce the award of a Framework Agreement from NHS Shared Business Service entitled “Endoscopes (Flexible and Rigid) and Decontamination”. The Term of this Agreement is three years from the commencement date of April 2017 with an option for a further 1 year through to 2021.

Initially the range of BLI-DES® SurfaceDisinfection Spray and Wipes products have been selected from the BLI-DES® range, which is all manufactured in Switzerland and are available to all NHS SBS Trusts throughout the UK from May 2017.

BLI-DES® is revolutionary patented technology which has many advantages over conventional chemical detergents, disinfectants and infection control products. Areas of application include, household, medical, manufacturing and food processing companies.

Medi-Inn is now a partner on the GHX Supplier Engagement Program within NHS SBS and the BLI-DES® product range is now available on the GHX Nexus Catalogue, form the NHS SBS appointed neutral wholesaler, Squadron Medical Ltd or directly from the company.

The Medi-Inn range of Surgical & Medical and Endoscopy consumables will shortly be available to all NHS Trusts, thereby underlining Medi-Inn as a key supplier to the NHS in the UK.

NHS SBS is helping the NHS to save money and enhance quality so that the NHS can improve health, innovate to save lives and deliver better outcomes with care and compassion. NHS SBS is on course to achieve £1 Billion of cost savings to the NHS by 2020.

Medi-Inn Shares Business with the NHS