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Medi-Inn Endoscopy – Listed with HSC Ireland



Medi-Inn UK Ltd are proud to be listed as a supplier of Endoscopy consumables with HSC, in addition to Endoscopy we look forward to adding numerous products from the Medi-Inn brand.

The Business Services Organisation has been established to provide a broad range of regional business support functions and specialist professional services to the health and social care sector in Northern Ireland.

The BSO provides an essential supporting role within the Health and Social Care sector. In doing so, it contributes to the health and well-being of the entire population of Northern Ireland. This catalogue is a compilation of services the BSO has to offer. Our goal in producing this publication is to enhance your understanding of our services and make it easier for you to find information about the services you already use as well as, perhaps, on those you may not realise are available. It has been designed to define our services with more accuracy than ever before, while enhancing your understanding of what the BSO can do to help your organisation achieve its objectives.