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forma-care® awarded NHS Supply Chain Framework Agreement July 2017

Medi-Inn UK Limited are pleased to announce the award of its full range of Medi-Inn & forma-care® disposable incontinence and associated products onto the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement Official Journal Reference 2016/S 200-361261.

The awarded product categories are:

Disposable Body Worn Adult’s Continence products

Disposable Body Worn, Children’s Nappies and Pull-Ons

Disposable Bed/Chair Protection

Disposable Under-pads – recycled cellulose

Disposable Under-pads – Virgin Fluff

forma-care® is constantly posing questions to the established Brands in this Sector, having provided Adult Incontinence Care Products to the German Market since 1989. Consistently rising to its high standards of good prices, quality and service levels, our established customer base of over 1000 Care Homes, Hospices and Hospitals in Germany remain satisfied with forma-care® and are a testament to the success of our performance. Our price: performance ratio, in terms of product, is amongst the best in the market. These attributes are now also available to customers in the UK.

As of September 2017, all products will be available to order via the NHS Blue Diamond service for direct delivery into hospitals and clinics. For more information on the range, please visit

forma-care® awarded NHS Supply Chain Framework Agreement July 2017